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Study in Poland
We work with love
We are a leading firm in providing quality and value to our customers. We like what we do.
We work for quality, not quantity
Our team studied in Poland and thanks to this we know about all the pitfalls and with us our customers are completely safe
Our advantages
The cost of our services is the lowest on the market, but this does not affect the quality.
If the client has a change of mind to act, we return the paid funds to him

Our managers are always ready to answer your questions. You can write us during the weekends and at night.
This method allows us to achieve success in problems of all levels.
We care about our clients' time. Give us a write, and we will help you with all the questions.
Full Support

349 euro

Full Support

699 euro
University selection
Registration at the University and submission of documents to the university
Registration fee to the university
Receiving a Conditional Offer Letter
Hostel or dormitory reservation
Help with translating documents
The cost of translation include
Instructions for obtaining the eligibility statement
Legalization/Apostille instructions
Assistance in preparing a package of documents for a visa
Assistance on booking appointment for visa
Assistance in document nostrification
Delivery original of OFFER LETTER
Free delivery by regular post
( Duration 2-3 weeks)
Free delivery by DHL
(Duration 1 week)
Residence permit instructions
Instruction regarding opening a bank account in Poland
Instruction regarding issuing a Bus Card (Karta miejska)
Instuction regarding buying and activating a SIM card
Support 24/7 after arriving in Poland
First month
One year
Transfer from the airport
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Why should you trust us?
We work hard every day to make life of our clients better and happier
We are officially registered
We studied in Poland and know the entire admission process better than anyone else.
We have an international payment system FONDY connected with which cooperation is possible only if you work officially, which means that all payments through this system are absolutely safe, you do not overpay commission and can pay by card in any currency
Thanks to FONDY, you can pay by installments and receive electronic checks for each of your payments, which will automatically come to your mail
We have a refund policy
We have the lowest prices for services on the market and the most loyal terms of cooperation
How long does study in Poland ?
Bachelor's degree - 3 years
Engineering - 3.5 years
Master's degree - 2 years
What is the cost of studying in Poland ?
Start from 2500 euros per year in Top Universities in Poland. But we have exlusive offers for our costumers with a tuition fee of 1100 euros per year
How to start admission process ?
1. Choose option of payment
2. After payment contact us and send following documents :
3.Scan copy of your passport
4. Scan of the photo (passport size)
5. higher secondary certificate with attachment
6. Bachelor's diploma with transcripts

Are students eligible to work ?
All students of Polish universities have the right to work
What is cost of living ?
All public universities have their dormitories, private mostly cooperate with private dormitories or with real estate agencies. The cost of living depends on the city and location. The average cost of living in Warsaw - 200 euros for a room in a double room, the cost of a room 250-350 euros. In other cities, renting a property is cheaper. When settling, all pay a causation (deposit) in the amount of the monthly value of the apartment, which is returned after
Can I pay tuition fee after get the Offer Letter ?
Offer Letter can be obtained only after the university has accepted your documents and you have paid for tuition and other fees

If you have another agency offers to get OFFER LETTER immediately after their services- these are scammers

If I am denied a visa, will I get all my tuition money refunded?
90% of universities guarantee a tuition fee refund in case of visa refusal
In case of refusal of a visa, you need to provide a document from the embassy confirming the refusal and the university will return all the paid tuition fees
Only registration and admission fee are not refundable
What is the registration fee?
Some universities charge a registration fee for reviewing documents. In case of non-payment of the registration fee, the documents will not be accepted for consideration
What is an admission fee?
The administrative fee is paid in case of enrollment and is paid together with the tuition fee
Our services
Tariff Platinum 699 euro
Includes all services from the Gold Tariff and additionally:
✅Assistance on booking appointment for visa
✅ Sworn translation all documents into Polish
✅ Residence permit instructions
✅ Delivery by DHL Offer Letter
✅ Transfer from the airport to hostel/dormitory

Order now
75 euro
✅University selection
✅Submission of documents to 1 university
✅Registration fee to the university(include only one registration fee for 1 university)
✅Receiving a Conditional Offer Letter

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