Private guest house in Uzhhorod

Guest house is located in Uzhgorod, in the private and closed sector, 10 minutes walk from the bus and railway station .
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Our services and benefits
Cozy apartment, 5 minutes walk to the center. Good renovation, warm and cozy. The cost of living for three people is 350 euros
Free wifi
Coffee machine
Air conditioner
5 min walk to the center
On the territory there is a bower where you can spend your free time with friends and a place for a closed parking
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Where we are located?

Uzhhorod, Zakarpats'ka oblast

The house located 10 minutes walk from the bus station and railway station. Within a 5- minute walk are:
- supermarket
- a cafe
- bars
- restaurants

The city center is just 15 minutes on foot.

The minimum cost of a taxi is about 2 euros.

Bus cost - 0.25 cents

The main rule is respect for others. If you love music, don't turn it on loudly and turn it off completely after 11pm. We are very attentive to the cleanliness of the house.
Be polite and don't take food that wasn't brought in by you. Try to keep the rooms clean. General cleaning takes place once a week.
If you want to order general cleaning of the room, then the total cost of cleaning all rooms and the territory is $ 30 per week
If you break or spoil things, you will need to pay a fine.

Book a room
Write the desired arrival time and the conditions of stay with us. We will call you back to confirm your reservation
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